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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board

About the Organization

  • Establishment of Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board

    The Assam Agricultural Produce Market (AAPM) Act 1972is an Act to provide for better regulation of buying and selling of agricultural produce and the establishment of market for agricultural produce in the state of Assam. (Received assent of the hon’ble President of the Republic of India on the 3rd day of September, 1974).

    The Government of Assam for exercising the powers conferred on and duties assigned under the AAPM Act 1972, established and constituted the Board which is a body corporate by the name of the State Agricultural Marketing Board {hereafter named as Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board (ASAMB) with the following official and non-official members.

    1. Chairman.
    2. Government Officials.
      1. Director, Agriculture
      2. Director, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry.
      3. Director, Panchayat.
      4. Director, Municipal Administration.
      5. Registrar, Co-operative Societies.
      6. Secretary, Agriculture, Government of Assam.
      7. Representative of Marketing Adviser, Government of India, Guwahati.
    3. Non officials.
      1. Agriculturist member, Market Committees - one
      2. Representative from Agricultural Farming Corporation - one
      3. Progressive producer - two
      4. Licensee - one
      5. Member, Co-operative Marketing Societies - one
      6. Trader, agriculture produce - one
      7. Chairman, Market committees - three
      8. Chief Executive Officer - Member-Secretary