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Paddy procurement procedure

 Paddy procurement procedure:

The Department of Food & Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs notifies Paddy procurement programme under KMS in the month of November- December every year. Also the PPCs along with target are notified on the basis of recommendation of the procuring agency. Each PPC is manned by (1) PPC i/c (2) Asstt. i/c and (3) Stack Holder drawn from RMCs. The RMCs identify the millers within the market area and enter into agreement for timely milling of paddy and delivery of CMR to FCI.

Just before commencement of Paddy procurement programme, awareness programmes are organised amongst the farmers and probable farmers are registered along with their bank details and farmers Certificates collected from local ADO's. The registered farmers are given a date by the PPC officials to bring their paddy to their PPC. On the stipulated day, paddy is purchased by the PPC after testing moisture content and other quality control parameter. The farmers are paid for the paddy , they have sold at MSP through A/c payee cheques. The paddy is staffed into gunny bags. The weight of the paddy filled gunny bags should be 40kg each. After procurement, the paddy is sent to the mills for milling . It may be mentioned that the cost of transportation for each trip from PPC to the mill and mill to the FCI FSD, up to 8 kms in each trip is included in the milling charge, which is at present Rs.15.00 (Rupees fifteen) only per quintals. After milling, the Custom Milled Rice (CMR) is delivered to FCI FSD. The bills for CMR are submitted to FCI.